Way of Nature New Zealand: 8 day Nature Quest


8 Day Nature Quest – annually in March


Do you feel the call to drop into deep connection with all that is? Do you wish to:

– Reveal your True purpose for this lifetime.
– Open an authentic connection with Outer, Inner and True nature.
– Experience an authentic realisation of your True Nature, Source Awareness

This Way of Nature programme may be for you. Surrender and listen to inner and outer nature to learn how to take your place in the choir of life with a 4 day/night solo in a beautiful, safe natural environment, supported by personal preparation and group time either side of the solo.

The value of people being able to find ways to offer their unique gifts to world, and overcome the doubts and wounds that present as obstacles, cannot be measured. We would be in harmony with each other, with the planet, if this could be achieved. We truly honoured and grateful to offer this retreat process in service of this greater goal.


– 2 nights together, learning’s, meditation, qi gong and ceremonial practices, discussion exploring the nature of purpose from a worldview of interconnectedness and preparation for the AllOne time.

– 4 nights AllOne time – in a personal campsite without interruption or distraction, just being with inner and outer nature, listening, offering, receiving, letting go, letting come.

Return from solo on the morning of the second last day to share with the group and prepare for reintegration.

We highly encourage everyone to honour the reintegration time and leave as much room as possible for self-care, love and inward reflection.

Pricing & Early Bird Bonus

Exchange for the WoN teachings and support during your Solo, food during group time, use of the land and key WoN audio meditations.

Ideally: NZD $1508

Early Bird:
Before 31 Jan: NZD $1308

Do get in touch if there is genuine financial hardship. A different sort of exchange may be possible.

Food & Accomodation


All meals (mostly organic, all vegetarian) for the group time are included. Fasting is recommended for the solo time. If you wish to bring food on the solo it is the responsibility of the participant to provide food during this time. More details on fasting and preparation are sent upon registration.


All participants must camp onsite for the duration of the retreat. Participants must provide their own camping gear. A detailed packing list will be provided upon registration.

About Claire, your Nature Quest guide

Claire discovered the Way of Nature after literally being hit by a truck and pretty much having no other choice (thank you, universe). Following her first Sacred Passage, the flagship program of the Way of Nature, life and her experience of it shifted dramatically. She quit her job and started The Slow Project and, realising the imperative of deep experience to adopt worldviews of interconnectedness, jumped at the chance to become a guide with Way of Nature. To become a certified Nature Quest guide she spent 28 days in solo/AllOne retreat in the Rocky Mountains. Although she loves to learn lessons from places and teachers across the globe, Claire’s roots are in Western Australia, where she has founded a local Way of Nature branch.
Much gratitude to my teacher John P. Milton.

About Deborah, your host and associate Guide

Deborah discovered the Way of Nature while living in Southern Colorado in her mid 20’s. Following her first Sacred Passage in 1996, she returned to New Zealand committed to making a difference in this world in ways that are better for our people and our planet. As a technology entrepreneur she is at the forefront of innovation and change. Deborah is married to Duncan and they have a nine-year-old boy. In the last five years, Deborah has completed a 28 day solo/AllOne retreat, WoN Guide Training, Advanced Awareness and the recent Source Awareness trainings with John P. Milton. The WoN teachings and practices have been invaluable to Deborah in living a life aligned with her gifts and in a connected and authentic way (at least some of the time). Deborah and Duncan started Way of Nature New Zealand in 2014.
To express interest, pay a deposit, obtain a registration pack or for more information, contact here:

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